Reiki Training, Reiki Level One Course

Since Reiki has been passed down via different Reiki Masters and Reiki Teachers (Eastern and Western), you will find there are variations in what is covered in Reiki One (both in substance and in form). However, the main teachings should be covered. With the attunements (initiation, empowerment), you are "connected" to the Reiki Source, enabling you to become a channel for Reiki Energy.

Reiki Level 1 Course (also known as Reiki First Degree / or Shoden)

The first degree in Reiki is for beginners. Most Reiki 1 courses or workshops cover the following (not necessarily in this specific order):

What Is Reiki
Reiki history, story, development
Reiki Principles
Reiki Ethics
Relaxation / Meditation
Attunements (Reiki Initiation, empowerment)
Working with Reiki Energy, scanning, beaming, etc.
Reiki hand positions

Meditation and exercises - self healing,
Feedback, questions and answers

Reiki 1 / Reiki 2 / Reiki 3